Our service helps protect those that suffer from asthma, allergies, COPD and other respiratory illnesses.

Dust Free Tile Removal

cleaner way to remove tile

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We are truly a Dust Free Tile Removal Company... You don't have to cover your personal items with plastic, while we remove your old floors. We will save you clean up time, hassle, inconvenience and reduce the health risks that come from removing your old flooring. All Dust Free.

Our Process

Our service starts by removing the Tile, Hardwood or other flooring. Then we finish the process by removing the Thinset, Epoxy or Glue... by grinding it off the subfloor. This will allow us to leave your floor as flat as we can and ready to have the new floor installed.

Thinset Removal

​Have you gotten quotes from other flooring removal/installing companies?  Did you hear $2 per square foot...or even $1 per square foot?  Ask these companies if and how they will remove your Thinset. 

Keep in mind that traditional tile removal does not include Thinset Removal.  Thinset is the bonding agent used to "glue" the tile to the subfloor; if not removed, your new floors will appear un-level, especially in doorways.  Ground Zero Floors eliminates this issue, by grinding off the Thinset, leaving you with a flatter surface that will be ready for your new floor.

How Much Dust Is There?

Traditional tile removal systems can create around 1 pound of dust per square foot.  Once airborne, dust can quickly become a major nuisance; traveling and settling in every small space in your home/office. 

Ground Zero Floors uses innovative equipment that allows us removes tile, slate and other flooring, including thinset, without releasing dust and debris into your living/work space

It is safer, cleaner and can be up to 5 times faster than typical floor removal practices.  Ground Zero Floors' tools will prevent the finest dust particles from entering the air and settling in parts of your home.